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      08-05-2019, 11:50 PM   #1

Drives: 2013 335i xDrive
Join Date: Jul 2018
Location: Mississauga Ontaio

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F30 2013 335i Problem/Issues - Need Assistance

I need assistance as i don't know what to do.

Want to mention ahead of time, I live in Ontario, Canada

I've had my 335i now for 2 years, bought it at 102,000 km, no problems but then once i started to get my first problem, its been downhill from there.

Its a LONG list below which i will post but my main few questions
1- Is there any where i can get any money back? (insurance, BMW headquarters.. anywhere)

2 - Is there anything i can do to either trade this car in for another one or just in there anything in general because at this point i either sell the car but no one will want it (even though its now fixed) or Trade it in (but at this moment, im in debt because of the money ive spent to fix the problems) or trade it in but ill be carrying on the debt of this car..

Any solution/suggestions i would be open to hearing please

08Aug2017 - Date of Purchase of Car at Toronto Auto Brokers - 102,000 km bought
Cost of car (including Safety check, Extended Warranty, HST, License Fee) : $36,885.70 Cad

One thing to mention, i dont have proof of this (and i think this was with my old bank so i dont even think i have the bank statements to prove my point)
Once i got my car from the dealership about 3-4 days after the purchase date, they didn't do a proper inspection and safety of the car
within 2 weeks of owning the car, i had to go back to them because they never changed my rear breaks and i was getting the error code on my Idrive that my break pad had less than 1,000km of life left (both my rears, the fronts were fine)
Once i contacted the dealership, they said i had to bring the car back to one of their mechanics and they would change the breaks free of charge

Once i got them changed, as i was heading home that evening (about 20-30km drive home from the mechanic) i got a flat tire but luckily i had run-flats so i drove home and drove the car to a local mechanic and bought two new tires
Since the dealership didn't change my tires to newer ones with more thread in them
My front two tires came with about 50% life left in them
While i had to replace the back since i got the flat
I bought 225/45rf18 Drive guard, run flats
To install them with labor work
Cost: $1396.27 Cad

Took the car to BMW because when i was driving the car, more so in sport+ mode than any other mode, when i would accelerate the rpms wouldn't shift properly
BMW took it for a test drive and couldn't reproduce the same problem
They scanned the car and got an error of Valvetronic system deactivated
They deleted adaptations and fault memory then re-calibrated valvetronic system and it was fine (according to BMW) after this
They advised i update my system for a cost of $300+ (which i declined)
BMW kept my car in the shop for 3-4 days, gave me no loaner car, didn't even offer a loaner car
While it was in, they did change my oil

They did run a general code/test on the car and came out with an estimated cost of $8,778.18 in repairs (I have the list)
I declined because i didn't have $9000 to spend and one of the representatives advised me of Bimmersport - a dealer who deals with my Lubrico warranty that i purchased

BMW charged me for all of this $403.98Cad (i have the receipt)

Went to Uptown Auto (as i was driving on the highway my car stopped driving due to overheat, got the error on the Idrive)
Had to replace:
Turbo Coolant pipe and seal
Replaced the battery since it was old and was giving me errors at start-ups
Replace turbo inlet seal
This costed me $1,017.00 Cad

Take my car to Bimmersport for another oil change, aprox 117,750km at this time
I had asked them to do a break fluid flush as well
Price $275.72 Cad (have the invoice)

Check engine light was still going on at this time (had no idea that it was the cylinder head)
Absolute pressure too high
Had to take the car back another time
Took it to Bimmersport
Cost I Paid $122.04 Cad

Took the car to Bimmersport
Had to get reaplced the Valve covers, collant, breather hose
Lubrico covered this
Total was $1662.23 Cad

From 04may2018 - 27Jul2018
I was getting the check engine light, it came on at about 120,000km
I bought a OBD2 scan reader from Amazon so i could try to see what the problem was
It told me i was getting a misfire and it was happening to random cylinders
So i decided to go ahead and buy new Coils and spark plugs (6 of each)
I installed these myself to save some money
That costed me about $600-700 Cad

11Jul2018 - same day, multiple invoices
My driver side strut was leaking (The sport suspension)
Cost to replace $872.36 Cad

Same day
Had all 6 injectors replaced, Lubrico my warranty covered this one
Cost $2261.81 - i didn't have to pay this one

BMW had a recall on my car
replace the fuel delivery unit
Defect code 00 15 15 02 00
Cost: $0.00

I was getting a check-engine light (i forgot the code)
So i took it to Bimmersport (my mechanic)
They recommended i do a walnut blasting (i was getting a misfire in my cylinders)
The owner also works at the shop, went to BMW and they advised him of this since he didnt know what else it could be
Cost $797.78 Cad

Finally we figured out everything and i had to get a brand new cylinder head because my camshaft was scratched from the inside and my gaskets were worn out
I did this with my mechanic at Bimmersport
This is what was causing my misfire
Also i didn't have my car for 5-6 Weeks at this point
i had to Uber everywhere since i don't have a bus stop near me and it was Winter -20 weather at least with snow
The total invoice was for $14,303.38 Cad
My Lubrico warranty covered me for $5650 Cad
I had to pay $8653.38 Cad out of pocket

Had to get an alignment done on my car
Went to Bimmersport to do this
My car was tilting to the right side
They fixed it
Costed $144.64 Cad

Oil change had to be done
Took it to Bimmersport
Cost $153.68 Cad

Took it to Bimmersport
My gearbox when i start my car and let it warm up (aprox. 1-3 min every morning) when i would put the car in Drive or Reverse or Neutral
The car would go back into Park without moving at all
It was almost like the gears itself wouldn't move at all
Took it back to my mechanic, he re-programmed it but advised that some wires might be damaged and i would need a new gearbox
Aprox cost for that was around $700-$800 (i declined)
I only paid for the programming of the shifter $122.04 Cad (Still to this date didnt get the new gearbox)

Someone had hit the driver side of my car
I was at my friends house overnight and when i woke up in the morning i had gotten hit
Front Bumper, side skirt and the headlight
Took it to Mister John Auto Collision
They repaired it for $2700 Cad
Paid it myself

I got a flat on my front tire now
Just to buy 2 new tries, through Canadian Tire
I only bought them here since i didn't have the Master lock to unlock the bolts on my tires, the car NEVER came with the master lock (i didn't notice)
Canadian tire offered to break them for me and i would have to buy new ones but i declined
I just bought the tires for a total of $565.66 Cad
**I had CAA the next business day tow my car to Bimmersport so they changed the tires for me since they had the master lock**

Had Yet another alignment done on my car
Car was shifting to the right again
This is when i brought the car to the mechanic
Cost for mount and aligner was $221.48 Cad
**This is where the mechanic found the problem**
My front right rim had been weld together because there was a crack in it
I didn't do this, therefor the rim had it BEFORE i even bought the car and my mechanic recommended i buy new rims (which i have yet still to do)

Took it to Bimmersport
Oil Change
Cabin Air Filter
Total cost was $310.75 Cad

Check engine light comes on once again
Bimmersport checks it out
Replaced the Air Flow sensor
Cost $624.87

Took the car back to Bimmersport
My turbo went out on my car
Had to replace that
Lubrico paid majority of the claim
Lubrico paid $1718.17 Cad
I had to pay $297.19

At the same time i also bought a few upgraded parts for the car and had them work on them
I bought a new charge pipe (Paid $353.78 Cad myself for the part)
Upgraded inter-cooler (Paid $584.87 Cad myself for the part)
Replaced the Drive belt
I installed a JB4 tune (at this point I am not getting any Error codes/check engine light, also paid myself aprox $500 Cad..Also now the car is getting yet another error and i of course have the JB4 tune off and still a problem)
Also did another Oil change since it was at about 3,000 km since the last one and didn't want to go back to the shop
Total cost i paid for this was $1230.57 Cad same day

I am getting two Error codes:
P00BD error "P00BD MAF "A" Circuit Range/Performance Flow Too High"
And back-light error keeps coming up it says "Right brake lamp malfunction"
Will have to go back to Bimmersport and see what the problem is and the cost of this
Update – the P00BD error was my intake I bought, went back to OEM intake and the error hasn’t occurred and the right brake lamp just got it replaced with a new one, error hasn’t come on

Jul30 – Aug02 Date Range
Took my car for Oil change and has a leak from my transmission
I paid out of pocked $615.00 Cad
Lubrico Covered $700.00 Cad

I don't know what to do from here, i certainly feel like this isn't right
I didn't buy this car just for it to be a money pit
I truly LOVE the car, i would buy another BMW that will be my next car, i wouldn't get any other car but this just isn't bearable at all
My only days off i have, i have to spend 50-60% of the day at the mechanic with problem after problem on a weekly/bi-weekly basis

TTL so far i paid out of pocket - $22,663.21 Cad (including the upgrades – which have been minor, oil changes, tires, repairs)
Lubrico has covered - $11,992.21 Cad

Grand total of $34,655.42 (need to update this amount once I get my invoice for the latest visit to the mechanic but its not too much off from my numbers)

I am currently at 140,000 km, so within 38,000km I've had to pay out the amount above in repairs and my car i still have $29K to pay off

Last edited by FD24; 08-06-2019 at 12:00 AM.. Reason: Forgot to add some more info
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      08-06-2019, 03:05 AM   #2
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Drives: 340 6MT
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Sorry to hear that. Sounds like a horror movie.
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      08-06-2019, 03:18 AM   #3
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I think I would try to get rid of this car. You've got more problems than average. Did you ever ask for a service report? There you could see what was all done to the car before you. And next time take someone with you when you buy a car who is knowledgabel with cars. I know, new car everything is exciting and one just doesn't see all the "little" warning signs. I guess some of the issues could have been found earlier like the brakes and the tires. Usually when I get a car I go over it very thoroughly. At least at home in the first week. You got an OBD adapter. Very good. So you can check the next car in advanced.

You are some unlucky person, sorry.
Such Fun
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      08-06-2019, 08:54 AM   #4
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How shitty was that warranty coverage by Lubrico (sounds dirty saying this name)? Curious because you forked over a lot of loonies even when they were covering the problem.

At this point, you're kinda fucked, right? I would fix whatever's necessary to sell, or more likely, trade it in. You'll lose money on this car; I don't think anyone cheated you so I don't think there's a way to recoup this loss.

Did this car have clean service/repair history before your ownership?
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      08-06-2019, 10:00 AM   #5
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You need to take a road trip down to Tijuana, “forget” the keys in the car, go out drinking, stumble your way back into the US. Car will be gone by the time you get back to the parking lot. File police report, book flight back home, and file insurance claim. Bye bye shit car.
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      08-06-2019, 10:04 AM   #6
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Drives: BMW F36, E46, E46 Compact, E36
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And don't forget do disable the connected drive car locator. Otherwise you might get her back.
Such Fun
If you finde any spelling mistakes in my posts you may keep them, no return required
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