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Here's my take after owning an F30 for 7 weeks.

If you are buying the car and are worried about resale value, the Premium Pkg will gain you more on a trade-in/sale down the road over cameras. Even though you opted for Leather as an individual option, it seems that however/whatever BMWNA packages with the Premium Pkg seems to be the defacto standard for how trade-in's are evaluated. I've seen it before. Don't get Premium and you'll often get dinged on resale. Weird, I know, but its been fairly consistent especially on cars fairly equipped otherwise.

I got PDC and no cameras in my car. I talked myself out of them for a couple reasons. One reason was price and that the MSRP was already getting crazy high for a 3 series. That said, when I first got the car I wished I got the cameras. Then after a few weeks I learned the corners and aren't bothered any longer. I actually took my car to a few parking lots and did some practicing to learn the corners of the car. Rear cam would still be nice on occasion though...

Now, if you aren't careful when parking or lend out your car to others, then the cameras can help save your bumpers/wheels from scrapes. It does require the driver activate them and know what they do. Only rear PDC and the rear cam are kinda automatic.

The blind spot detection will/may interfere with your radar detector. It can be a useful safety feature and all it has to do is save you once and you'll very much appreciate it. That said, I've driven several other cars with blind spot detection and had them activate when they shouldn't and to me that's a nuisance. These blind spot systems are only aids and not meant to replace driver awareness.

Comfort Access is nice. I have it on my F30 but didn't have it on my E90. I like it, but could live without it if I had to. This is another one of those handy options to have if you let others drive your car. Show them how to pop the trunk with their foot and you'll save your bumper from scratches when (lazy) people rest things there while they fumble for keys. CA has other usefulness to, but their mostly toys and not necessities.

Sirus content is pretty good, but sound quality is fairly poor. Period. If you like the conten, get it. Don't get it because you think you'll have another few dozen CD quality channels to listen to. Its more like AM Stereo quality. Sadly! HD radio sound quality is much better. Analog FM is also typically much better sound quality.

Lumbar is something that's individual choice. I like it and set it once when I picked up my car. Its pretty much set it and forget it. If I didn't have it, I would be fine on shorter drives but would miss it on longer drives. For those with some health ailments, lumbar adjustment can be a life saver!

Hope this helps.